Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Purple People Eater

There is no better way to describe the room that would become our guest room. It is difficult to decide where to start in describing the room. Pictures do it some justice, but not enough. The royal purple walls were spattered in several places with what we believe were beverages. Several places had pink, not white trim, and there is a second closet in the room with a door painted the same royal purple as the walls. The carpet was disgusting, smelly, and when it was pulled out of the room we discovered wood floors that were in much better shape than we could have hoped for. A previous resident believed him or herself enough of an artist that there were a couple pictures drawn around the room, the most noticeable of which is captured in one of the pictures below. In short, the room was a mess, but it became the first bedroom that we touched for a couple reasons. 

1) It appeared that it would be the easiest of the rooms to complete, and we needed something that could be quickly completed so we felt like we successfully completed a project.

2) It was at the end of the hallway and the smallest bedroom, so it was officially going to be the guest room. We had already decided that we were going to buy a king sized bed for our bedroom and use our old bed for the new guest room. In order for us to get things moved in, we really needed to just get the room completed.

3) We had enough people planning to visit and help with the house that we felt like we needed a nice place for our guests to stay as they got dirty and helped with the rest of the house.

So the guest room it was. First, I got to painting. We were reusing our old bed and bedding for the bedroom, so I easily knew what color I wanted for the walls. Luckily, we have a little girl who sleeps late, so I stayed up well past midnight for a couple of nights painting, and repainting walls, trim, doors, and the closet in attempts to get rid of the purple and other oddities in the room. Then my dad came down and helped us refinish the floors using a refinishing system that did not require us to sand the fragile floors down. The final touch in the room was a ceiling fan light, which became even more of a necessity after our air-conditioning died the first time we turned it on (more on our HVAC issues in later posts). There, we had a finished bedroom. A finished bedroom that none of us were using. But at least we had a finished product and we didn't have to feel guilty about where our guests slept. The bedroom became a dumping ground during our 15 month bathroom renovation project, but now that we are close to being finished with that, the bedroom is finally re-emptied of all construction mess and is solely a guest room again. It's nice to have at least one room in the house completely clean and ready to show.

This is probably the best picture to show just how bad the carpeting was throughout the house. 

We loved the royal purple walls and pink trim

Someone believed they were an artist. I used several coats of primer and paint with primer and you can still see those red lips through the paint. It's hidden behind a picture.

And now a soft blue. We used our old comforter and queen sized bed. All ready for guests...

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