Monday, July 30, 2012

Finding Distractions From the Bathroom

That seems to be the story of our weekend. While I did finish grout on the wall tile and got that much closer to having the bathroom done, we found a couple tasks to distract from getting the walls completely finished.  We have two very old garage door openers. Or at least, we HAD two very old garage door openers, but in the last week, one of them finally quit. We are determined to do things right  and as we have money, replacing things as they quit. That has happened with light fixtures and this weekend that happened with the garage door opener that quit. A Friday night trip to Sears as a family and Jeff was determined to spend Saturday cleaning the garage and putting up the new opener. We were exchanging our dead chain garage door opener for a much quieter belt garage door opener. I watched and played with the kids outside on the playset while Jeff worked all day in the garage. Our son did get to "help" for a little while, and was pretty filthy by the time he came in for a bath. And Jeff really did work on the garage all day. He finally came to bed well after midnight.

But the end result is a new garage door opener, a panel on the outside of the garage, a clean garage, and the truck safely parked where it belongs. And Jeff doesn't feel like he was productive this weekend...

My Saturday distraction came in the form of putting down the remainder of the carpet tiles we had bought for the bedroom floor hallway. I hadn't finished putting the tiles down because I didn't want them to get bathroom construction dirt on them, but with the tiles in the bathroom finally completed, it was time to put them down, more than a year after the original tiles were put down. Now one of my projects is going to be getting the rest of the carpet tiles clean. Our upstairs hallway has been a slight conundrum. I have frequently rethought our decision to not have carpet installed in our hallway in addition to the two bedrooms we had carpet installed in, but at the time we weren't sure what we were going to do with the hallway. Our house has seen a minimum of three additions to the original three bedroom, one bath, two car garage house that it was in the late 1950s. One addition was the dining room. Another more sizable addition included adding a fourth bedroom, a new two car garage, significantly enlarging the master bedroom, and putting in a master bath. The final addition is off of the back of the house which is our office and utility room. The second addition upstairs surprised us with the transition from hardwood (part of the original part of the house) to plywood subfloor. We thought we would have hardwood floors through the whole hallway, only to discover that we had a strange puzzle of subfloor and thin, old hardwood at the end of the hallway. Long after the carpet in the bedrooms was installed we finally decided that the hallway needed carpet, but how? Carpet tiles, available at your local Menard's store. They made the hallway look considerably better, and now we need to buy one last box so that we can fill in the last three pieces. It looks much better than it did, and I wish I had taken pictures of the hallway with the puzzle work before, but you'll just have to trust me. This was one task I could still complete while the kids played in the living room below the stairs.

By the end of the weekend, in addition to these two tasks, the guest room was completely emptied out of everything that did NOT belong in there and, as stated earlier, the grout was redone in the bathroom. Now, if the living room walls would just peel themselves, we would be in great shape.

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