Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Pink Monstrosity: The Surprisingly Complicated Toilet

Until you start renovating a bathroom, you don't give much thought to toilets, that is unless you run into problems with the one you have and decide that it need to be replaced. At least, I had never given it much thought. You use toilets from the time you're potty trained until you get old, but when you are suddenly charged with the responsibility of picking a toilet for your own home, it can be surprisingly overwhelming. As of this writing, there are 1129 toilets available on and 1034 on And the toilet "technology" (for lack of a better word) is impressive and therefore daunting.  One can spend anywhere from less than $100 to well over $3000 on their bathroom comode. There is so much to consider for a piece of equipment that welcomes the wastes our bodies spit out.

The discussion over what toilet to select has been going on for a year. We've talked to people, we've read about different varieties, we've looked at the toilet aisle of each of the three major home improvement stores several times as well as the home improvement section of Sam's, but the time had come for installation, and we needed to make a decision. I thought the decision was made, but it wasn't. After traipsing through Lowes with both kids in tow earlier this week, we finally selected a Jacuzzi brand. It looked sleek and it appeared to be the perfect toilet, if there is such a thing, for our kids' bathroom. But then I looked at reviews online and got scared away. I can usually take online reviews with a grain of salt, but there are times you have to take those few bad reviews and consider the possibilities. And consider I did. So yesterday, by myself this time with both kids in tow (after a whole summer I have yet to figure out how stay-at-home moms get ANYTHING done 12 months out of the year) I returned the toilet and headed down the street to Home Depot, getting a slightly cheaper yet better reviewed toilet. And we are trying a dual flush, which will hopefully NOT confuse our guests and children.

The next question for me was "Is my husband going to get this installed while he has the kids alone?" That was answered last night. I got home from Bible study and my first question to my husband was "What do you need help with?" To which he responded "Flush a toilet." Apparently, our daughter had already celebrated the installation by using her new toilet. I guess that installation was easier than selection. So it is done. No going back on it now.

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